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Ebook Chatbot Concept

What if you could talk to the characters in the books you are reading?
This is an interactive concept for ebooks that incorporates artificial intelligence with literature analysis to allow readers to “talk” to and understand characters in the stories they are reading. The goal was to make reading challenging texts more approachable and fun for a teenage audience.
The Prototype
Inspiration was taken from existing AI chats such as Duolingo Bots and Cleverbot. Other inspirations included Telltale Game's interactive storytelling and Slack's conversation organization. Together, these ideas were combined to create a more immersive and interactive reading experience inside the preexisting Kindle framework.
The Process
After brainstorming and paper prototyping, wireframes and digital sketches were created to get a sense of user flow and interaction. Testing was conducted to collect feedback on where areas needed clarification.
Demo Video
Credits to Angel Demana for the home page redesign and for contributing to the ideation process.
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