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HUD Running Glasses Concept

Real-time performance tracking before your eyes
This is an interactive concept for running glasses that uses head-up laser display and GPS technology to allow runners to know exactly how they are performing in real time. The goal was to assist professional medium and long distance runners in tracking their mileage and pace. 
Demo Video
Icons for mockup from Check out the clickable prototype here.
The Prototype
Inspiration was taken from existing tracking and training products such as Strava and Fitbit. Other inspirations included Intel's new HUD (head-up display) glasses featuring Vaunt laser technology. Together, these ideas were combined to create a more interactive running experience that encourages the user to continually beat their personal bests.
The Head-up Display
Pace and time are recorded and displayed at the top left.
A simplified map shows the runner their route and recalibrates when the user goes off course.
Music/volume from the speakers can be adjusted verbally or with the volume buttons.
Animated footprints act as a performance benchmark by visualizing the target pace for the runner.
Windows can be expanded/minimized either by verbal commands or by using the mode button on the right side of the glasses.
Hover over the image for details.

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